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Older Children


Ease Of Training

Novice Owners

Breed Popularity

Breed Health




Other Dogs

Shedding Amount

 Younger Children


Active Lifestyle


Apartment Living

Cats Or Small Pets

How many registrations per year that are made for this breed. Generally breeds are popular for a reason and high popularity breeds are often a great place to start your search.

How willing and able this breed is to protect you, your family and your  home , how territorial they are and how dominant they can be. This is not necessarily  a sign of how aggressive the breed is.

Not to be confused with protection/guarding this is how alert , how vocal and how trusting your dog is. Even tiny dogs can make great watchdogs.

Being able to physically manage your dog is a vital consideration, dogs are much stronger than humans pound for pound.

 Breed Stats At A Glance:  1-5 Scale 5 is most or best 1 is least or worst

Nearly all dogs are trainable, some breeds  however are inherently more stubborn, wilful, lazy or less intelligent than others. Stubborn and stupid is a bad combo, Clever and eager is a good combo!

A variable combination of trainability, inherent temperament, dominance or natural aggression make some breeds less suitable for the novice owner  than others.

Older children are much more able to understand how to treat their dog appropriately. Parents must guage the maturity of their own children before choosing a dog.

Very young children are liable to annoy or provoke a dog and can injure smaller ones through rough play. They can themselves be knocked down or accidentally hurt by a larger or over enthusiastic dog.

A combination of how naturally active this breed is and how much daily exercise they will need. Under stimulated dogs can develop unwanted problem behaviours such as excessive barking, chewing and digging.

Some breeds happily live in apartments as long as they get enough daily exercise. Some however need big yards and lots of space. Some breeds bark a lot  so think of your neighbours!

Some breeds love nothing more than snuggling up on the couch with you whilst others are much more aloof.

Playfulness represents how eager, willing and exuberant your furry pal will be when it comes to getting down and joining in the fun.

Representing yearly averages as some breeds only shed seasonally, some shed throughout the year, and some hardly shed or dont shed at all.

How much upkeep you will need to do to keep your dog looking their best and being healthy, grooming, brushing, cleaning and  bathing etc.

All dogs can suffer health problems. Some breeds however, either through over breeding or inbreeding are more prone to serious congenital disorders than others.

How well does this breed naturally get on with other dogs? Proper socialization will mitigate most  intolerance. Intact  males generally are more problematic with other intact  males

Some breeds have naturally higher prey drives than others, however nearly all dogs can live with small animals providing they are introduced young enough and are well socialized.

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Beagle Temperament, Personality, Information and Facts

beagle temperament

Comparable Breeds

Beagle information and Facts: Breed Notes.

They were often known as “pocket” Beagles as they could be placed in the saddlebags of horsemen on the hunt.

Larger hounds would run along side the horses, and Beagles would be released in order to hunt down prey  in dense undergrowth.

They have been a popular dog breed since Elizabethan times, William Shakespeare wrote about them and they continue to be so to this day, with “Snoopy” and “Gromit” of Wallace and Gromit being modern favourites.  At time of writing they are the 3rd most popular dog breed in America after the Labrador Retriever and German Shepherd Dog.

Beagle Temperament

Gentle, tolerant and always ready for an adventure, the Beagle’s personality mean they get along with everyone.

They are highly intelligent and openly happy; this is one of the most expressive breeds and will happily attach themselves to anyone showing them any affection or fuss.

Training: Beagles are intelligent, lively, and ready to learn. They adapt quickly to their environments and will pick up behaviours readily.They need to be socialized at an early age and cannot be left alone for lengthy periods of time.

They have a characteristic bark that is almost like a distinct howl. Whilst  training can mitigate this somewhat it is important to remember that their loud “Yaroooing” is hard wired into them as they hunt and play.

Find out more about training Beagles.

It stands to reason therefore that their baying cry can disturb neighbours especially if you live in close proximity in an urban setting. Whilst not necessarily  a game changer you should be mindful that this is a vocal breed.

Coat: Short and easy to take care of. It is sleek and smooth offers the dog plenty of protection year round.

Grooming: A smooth and short-haired coat that is easy to maintain and requires very little grooming. Brushing the dog with a firm bristle brush on a regular basis is all that is necessary to maintain its glossy coat.

Children: The Beagle temperament means they are one of the best dog breeds for children. Highly sociable will bond immediately with them, a great family pet but must be exposed to children early on.


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The Beagle Temperament Is Amiable, Bold, Friendly,Determined And Very Active

 Beagles are an ancient breed whose “beagley” forebears date back to the Norman conquest of 1066 in England and who’s early ancestors were the now extinct Talbot and Southern Hound breeds respectively.

Commonly known throughout  the middle ages in Western Europe, it was not until 1475 that The term “Beagle” was first used,  possibly coming from a French word that makes reference to their distinct deep throated call. This name was certainly in common use by the mid 1500’s as a catch all phrase for any small scent hound.

Protection level: Will bark at strangers can be territorial, generally good with other dogs as well, but cannot be trusted with non-canine pets.

Exercise: They have a high amount of energy and great stamina; they need a lot of exercise to keep up their energy levels. These dogs have an instinctive nature to follow their noses and revel in the thrill of the hunt, they can disappear for hours if left unattended.

Health: Generally this is quite a healthy breed, but like most dogs are not immune to certain health problems. Their large ears trap air and can be the perfect environment to breed infections.They are also prone to obesity if they are not exercised enough.  Puggles are a popular designer breed from a cross between a Beagle and a Pug.

Finding  a reputable breeder and ensuring adequate pet insurance will of course always bring extra peace of mind regards the well being of your furry friend.

The Ideal Beagle owner is  easygoing, affectionate and a lover of long energetic walks, make sure you are choosing the right dog for your own lifestyle. For more information, why not visit the National Beagle Club of America.

Not For the yard-proud , people who demand instant obedience or those likely to be put off by their very vocal charms.

Basset Hound bloodhound

Basset Hound


Do You Have A Beagle? We would love love to hear your story, why not upload a picture and share your experiences, tell us why they are your favourite breed. Do You Have A Related Question? - Just ask and we will be happy to help .


 The American Kennel Club and Others

Food training works well as these hounds aren’t above snitching a sandwich from an eye level plate. Beagles can convince you they’re starving when they just finished off a 20 pound bag of dog food”

Chris Walcowicz- the Perfect Match

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