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Older Children


Ease Of Training

Novice Owners

Breed Popularity

Breed Health




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 Younger Children


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How many registrations per year that are made for this breed. Generally breeds are popular for a reason and high popularity breeds are often a great place to start your search.

How willing and able this breed is to protect you, your family and your  home , how territorial they are and how dominant they can be. This is not necessarily  a sign of how aggressive the breed is.

Not to be confused with protection/guarding this is how alert , how vocal and how trusting your dog is. Even tiny dogs can make great watchdogs.

Being able to physically manage your dog is a vital consideration, dogs are much stronger than humans pound for pound.

 Breed Stats At A Glance:  1-5 Scale 5 is most or best 1 is least or worst

Nearly all dogs are trainable, some breeds  however are inherently more stubborn, wilful, lazy or less intelligent than others. Stubborn and stupid is a bad combo, Clever and eager is a good combo!

A variable combination of trainability, inherent temperament, dominance or natural aggression make some breeds less suitable for the novice owner  than others.

Older children are much more able to understand how to treat their dog appropriately. Parents must guage the maturity of their own children before choosing a dog.

Very young children are liable to annoy or provoke a dog and can injure smaller ones through rough play. They can themselves be knocked down or accidentally hurt by a larger or over enthusiastic dog.

A combination of how naturally active this breed is and how much daily exercise they will need. Under stimulated dogs can develop unwanted problem behaviours such as excessive barking, chewing and digging.

Some breeds happily live in apartments as long as they get enough daily exercise. Some however need big yards and lots of space. Some breeds bark a lot  so think of your neighbours!

Some breeds love nothing more than snuggling up on the couch with you whilst others are much more aloof.

Playfulness represents how eager, willing and exuberant your furry pal will be when it comes to getting down and joining in the fun.

Representing yearly averages as some breeds only shed seasonally, some shed throughout the year, and some hardly shed or dont shed at all.

How much upkeep you will need to do to keep your dog looking their best and being healthy, grooming, brushing, cleaning and  bathing etc.

All dogs can suffer health problems. Some breeds however, either through over breeding or inbreeding are more prone to serious congenital disorders than others.

How well does this breed naturally get on with other dogs? Proper socialization will mitigate most  intolerance. Intact  males generally are more problematic with other intact  males

Some breeds have naturally higher prey drives than others, however nearly all dogs can live with small animals providing they are introduced young enough and are well socialized.

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Bearded Collie Temperament, Information And Pictures

bearded collie

Bearded Collie Information and Breed Notes

Bearded Collie Temperament

The Beardie is without a doubt one of the canine worlds' biggest clowns and many seem to think they have pogo sticks in their legs, or at the very least were crossed with a grass hopper. Their bounce and charm are addictive and they are always joyous and affectionate.

A Playful personality and a tad cheeky, their tails are always wagging, they have a lovely sense of humour which, combined with their  high energy levels make for some pretty funny episodes. Male Beardie temperaments tend to be more outgoing and bold, while females are calmer and more submissive.

bearded collie puppyThis breed does well with other animals particularly if they were raised with them. Some can be bossy about possessions and hoard all the toys in their den and being herding dogs, they will chase things if tempted.

Children: The Bearded Collie’ temperament means they are very fond of children, this is a real family centred dog and a perfect playmate for children but may be too enthusiastic for toddlers. There are of course other great dog breeds for children that are worth considering.

Shedding: Heavy shed but if groomed properly  and regularly their shedding can be kept to a minimum.

 Most of the dead hair is removed when you comb and brush them out. The absolute worst time for shedding is when they lose the puppy coat (between 9 - 18 months). This stage lasts about three months as your dog loses hair from top to bottom or from front to rear.

bearded collie groomingGrooming You need only look at the Bearded Collie pictures on this page to see that Beardies need lots of grooming. Either you will have to learn to groom like a pro, have them groomed by a pro, or clip all that shaggy hair short.

The Bearded Collie orBeardyis believed to date back to the 1700’s though hard evidence of the breed cannot be found until the following century’. Originating in Scotland, Bearded Collies were tireless herders of sheep and drovers of cattle operating in the rough terrain and cold mists of the Scottish Highlands.

After world War 1 They were very highly valued by their Highland communities which proved difficult for outsiders to acquire them. Eventually some breeders interested in showing Beardies were able to bring some dogs to England, and then to America. They were recognized by the AKC in 1977

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The Bearded Collie Temperament is Alert, Lively, Exuberant And Playful

Comparable Breeds

Grooming can take an average of one and a half to two hours or more per week and If you don't maintain the grooming you will end up with a matted mess that can lead to skin and other health problems.

Long hair also means things you'd rather not have in the house being brought in with your Beardie; Leaves, sticks, mud and other grottiness your dog has either rolled in or rubbed up against, not to mention any crawlies that took a fancy to being buried in your dog's coat.

Protection level: Very low, about as much use as a chocolate coffeepot in the guarding stakes. They will bark because they think the burglar has come to play with them, then they‘ll helpfully hold the door while the house is being cleared out and tell the burglars where all the best stuff is before hopping in the car to be stolen themselves. You want a guard dog ? Then look elsewhere.

bearded collie temperamentExercise: Beardie's need LOTS of exercise! and this does not mean just running around the backyard. They need vigorous exercise every day and at a minimum should get an hour of rigorous (romping) exercise at least three or four times a week.

Beardies have no end to their energy both indoors and out. If left to their own devices, they will make up their own games to play and chew on whatever they can find or just jump the fence and take off.

Outside they will entertain themselves by digging holes. The goal is to stimulate both the mind and the body of your Beardie, to engage his limitless curiosity and high intelligence rather then allow him to develop bad habits.

bearded collieHealth: Generally quite a hardy breed, the Beardie does have some special medical conditions to be aware of: cataracts, hypothyroidism, Addison's disease and Von Willebrands disease. Finding  a reputable breeder and ensuring adequate pet insurance will of course always bring extra peace of mind regards the well being of your furry friend.

Bearded Collie Owners's Are Energetic, patient and gentle enough to give this playful beastie the exercise and grooming he requires.

Not for being stuck in a backyard, fastidious perfectionaist types, unrelenting obediance, groomo-phobes.

As always if you like this breed, please do the research  and ensure that you are choosing the right dog for your own lifestyle. For more information, why not visit this breeds national club.

old english sheepdog briard


Old English Sheepdog

Do You Have A Bearded Collie? We would love love to hear your story, why not upload a picture and share your experiences, tell us why they are your favourite breed. Do You Have A Related Question? - Just ask and we will be happy to help .


 The American Kennel Club and Others

“Social dogs, Beardies are never happier than when in the midst of things. Yet, after a rowdy play session, they’re content to lie at your feet…

The Beardie is like a canine unicorn , a living breathing, whimsical fairy-tale creature.”

Chris Walcowicz- the Perfect Match