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Older Children


Ease Of Training

Novice Owners

Breed Popularity

Breed Health




Other Dogs

Shedding Amount

 Younger Children


Active Lifestyle


Apartment Living

Cats Or Small Pets

How many registrations per year that are made for this breed. Generally breeds are popular for a reason and high popularity breeds are often a great place to start your search.

How willing and able this breed is to protect you, your family and your  home , how territorial they are and how dominant they can be. This is not necessarily  a sign of how aggressive the breed is.

Not to be confused with protection/guarding this is how alert , how vocal and how trusting your dog is. Even tiny dogs can make great watchdogs.

Being able to physically manage your dog is a vital consideration, dogs are much stronger than humans pound for pound.

 Breed Stats At A Glance:  1-5 Scale 5 is most or best 1 is least or worst

Nearly all dogs are trainable, some breeds  however are inherently more stubborn, wilful, lazy or less intelligent than others. Stubborn and stupid is a bad combo, Clever and eager is a good combo!

A variable combination of trainability, inherent temperament, dominance or natural aggression make some breeds less suitable for the novice owner  than others.

Older children are much more able to understand how to treat their dog appropriately. Parents must guage the maturity of their own children before choosing a dog.

Very young children are liable to annoy or provoke a dog and can injure smaller ones through rough play. They can themselves be knocked down or accidentally hurt by a larger or over enthusiastic dog.

A combination of how naturally active this breed is and how much daily exercise they will need. Under stimulated dogs can develop unwanted problem behaviours such as excessive barking, chewing and digging.

Some breeds happily live in apartments as long as they get enough daily exercise. Some however need big yards and lots of space. Some breeds bark a lot  so think of your neighbours!

Some breeds love nothing more than snuggling up on the couch with you whilst others are much more aloof.

Playfulness represents how eager, willing and exuberant your furry pal will be when it comes to getting down and joining in the fun.

Representing yearly averages as some breeds only shed seasonally, some shed throughout the year, and some hardly shed or dont shed at all.

How much upkeep you will need to do to keep your dog looking their best and being healthy, grooming, brushing, cleaning and  bathing etc.

All dogs can suffer health problems. Some breeds however, either through over breeding or inbreeding are more prone to serious congenital disorders than others.

How well does this breed naturally get on with other dogs? Proper socialization will mitigate most  intolerance. Intact  males generally are more problematic with other intact  males

Some breeds have naturally higher prey drives than others, however nearly all dogs can live with small animals providing they are introduced young enough and are well socialized.

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Beauceron Temperament, Dog Breed Information and Pictures


Comparable Breeds

Grooming The breed presents few problems as far as grooming goes.

Exercise: They were bred as guardian and herding dogs which means above all that they are outdoor dogs. They're going to want to spend as much time outdoors as possible taking part in lots of vigorous activity - Long walks are a given, and a bare minimum as far as exercising this dog goes. You'll also want to take some time to go jogging, to take long bike rides, to play elaborate games of fetching, and possibly even some swimming or other strenuous activity.

One activity you might want to avoid is chasing. Your Beau being a herding breed will love it but , when you get jumped on by a 100lb (45kg)  dog you may think twice before you play again.

Health As herding dogs, they have few major Health Problems. There are some things that a responsible Beauceron owner will watch out for, however, including the following:

• Hip dysplasia

• Progressive Retinal Atrophy

• Gastric torsion / Bloat.

Finding  a reputable breeder and ensuring adequate pet insurance will of course always bring extra peace of mind regards the well being of your furry friend.

The Ideal Perfect Owners is...

The Beauceron temperament requires an experienced, strong willed, and active owner . Who can provide an intelligent dog with a job to do along with plenty of play and socialisation.  As always if you like this breed, please do the research  and ensure that you are choosing the right dog for your own lifestyle. ,For more information, why not visit this breeds national club.

Not Recommended for the inexperienced, stay at home owner or very small children.

Beauceron Temperament

They are a courageous and intelligent breed, not only highly trainable and eager to please but also devoted to their owners. The flip side are their strong leadership traits and and an independently minded personality.

Beaucerons have a noble,imperious air about them, exercising an almost regal reserve when meeting strangers.  They don't entertain overt aggression or posturing but you get the distinct impression that this dog can take care of business should the situation warrant it .

The Beauceron’s commanding temperament will lead to issues of dominance, not only with other dogs but towards their owners as well. The Beau will naturally assume the highest place in the pack given the opportunity, and if you the owner are not strong willed and determined enough to exert your authority then  This will lead to a number of dog behavioral problems such as aggression, or simply a lack of respect, becoming very awkward and unwilling to follow commands and accept training.

Children Good with children especially older ones who understand how to handle this breed. Teasing or annoying behavior towards this dog is not going to go down very well and he will almost certainly not take orders from them, even when they get older and bigger.

Again this can lead to serious discipline problems and is a situation that should be avoided at all costs. If children are respectful yet firm with their Beauceron, the Beau can be an excellent companion and guardian, even for very young children. But there are many other  dog breeds that are good with children that will be more suitable.

Protection Their leadership qualities and reserve makes this an ideal watchdog in that they occupy the middle ground between outward aggression and yappyness of terriers and the sedate laid back lick everything, life is such a joy character of most retriever type dogs.

Beaucerons are a natural deterrent to unwanted strangers due to their menacing appearance and pure size, but they also tend to give strangers the benefit of the doubt to show their intent rather than engage in hysterical barking or posturing from the start.

Make no mistake though ,if strangers do become openly hostile, threaten or frighten the family your Beau will take charge of the situation and defend his pack and territory with maximum ferocity.

Training Though very trainable, the Beau is not one for first time owners, due to their strong willed intelligent temperament. Training is a serious responsibility with these dogs as it requires confidence and consistency - if you don't take charge of the training your Beauceron  happily will!

Once you have established the correct order of command you will find that your Beauceron will flourish - going from basic to advance training easily and quickly such as tricks and agility.


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The Beauceron Temperament is Bold, Calm, Versatile, Courageous and Biddable

Beauceron Information and  Breed Notes

briardgerman shepherddoberman pinscher

German shepherd


Doberman Pinscher


 The American Kennel Club and Others

 The Beauceron or ‘Beau’ is a very old breed  that looks look like a cross between the German Shepherd and a Doberman  Pinscher which was until comparatively recently virtually unknown outside of France where it originates. A close cousin of the Briard, the Beauceron and the Briard were developed to guard livestock. There is in fact no difference between this and the Briard  except that the ‘Beau’ is short haired whilst the Briard is longer haired.

The French army employed Beau’s as messenger dogs on the front lines during both world wars. The breed’s extraordinary ability to follow directions, trails and detect mines still makes the Beau a respected military and police dog. They were recognized by the AKC Miscellaneous class  in 2001 and joined the Herding class in 2007.

Do You Have A Beauceron? We would love love to hear your story, why not upload a picture and share your experiences, tell us why they are your favourite breed. Do You Have A Related Question? - Just ask and we will be happy to help .