A child’s relationship with their dog is one of those magical things that will never be forgotten, and warm memories of idyllic summer days of play and fun linger long and fondly into adulthood.

Dogs and kids go together like cookies and cream ,

and it is a beautiful thing to see your child and his best pal playing, exploring and being together. 'Buster', ever loyal, ever patient, always enthusiastic with whatever role or character your little Junior has lined him up for.

Dogs, aside from being fun and companionable are very useful in teaching your child about responsibility, empathy and what it’s like to care for another living being. The best dog breeds for children therefore tend to be intelligent, tolerant, friendly and with a calm disposition.

Children love to roll around and tumble with their dogs, smaller tots or toddlers are inclined to ear and tail pulling and can be rough handlers, for this reason Toy breeds are not normally considered to be sensible dogs for kids, especially very young children, neither are larger more boisterous breeds that may become over excited and jump up or push small children over when things get too rowdy.

Finding The Best Dogs That Are Good With Children

There are certain breeds that tend to do better with children than others, but there are always exceptions to this rule. No dog or breed of dog is ever completely trustworthy with children.

Although Labs and Golden Retrievers are usually wonderful children's companions, being patient, playful, and gentle, sometimes, rarely, individuals of these breeds can have genetic or social defects that can lead to aggression.

 American Pit Bull Terriers are often purported to be dangerous with children, but in reality Bull-types often make the best children's companions. The bully breeds are sometimes called nanny dogs or nursemaid dogs because of their fondness for children and from past practices where these dogs were actually left to mind young children while their parents went to work in the factories.

Like every breed,Labs, Goldens, and the bully breeds, all need proper socialization and training to grow up to be friendly toward children.

Although most dog breeds if socialized at an early age with children and other pets can result in the most loving, tender and gentle companions, some breeds, because of their genetic make up and breed history are more pre deposed to family living than others

For example, guard dog breeds such as Rottweiler's, Mastiffs, Dobermans, or the Dogo Argentino, might get along famously with your children and seem like perfect family friendly dogs, but you would always need to watch them with an extra sense of care in case they were to react negatively to an unforeseen situation.

Can you imagine the horror if your child had playmates over after school, and in the course of their rough and tumble- your dog got over protective of your child because he thought  they were being attacked by their friend and decided to act in order to protect them?


Finding The Best Dog Breeds that are good with kids of all ages

Best Dogs That Are Good With Children!

Your guide to the best dogs that are good with children and family friendly dogs, finding the right dog breeds for children of all ages.

When choosing the best dog breed for children lets face it, kids can be crazy! charging around in a whirlwind of raucous hullabaloo, noise chaos and unpredictability go with the territory.

You will need to think carefully about which canine beastie you are going to introduce into such an environment, as the age of your children will be a major consideration, as some family friendly dogs are more suitable for older or younger kids.

managing that special relationship between children and dogs.

Labrador Retriever Golden Retriever Newfoundland bulldog bearded collie

 Dogs of any breed, though, should never be left alone with children. Keep sleeping infants secure and out of your dog's reach.

While almost any dog can make a great pet (and every dog can be a potential biter), a few breeds have tendencies you should be aware of. Some dogs have stronger predatory instincts than others. These include the terriers and the northern breeds.

Akitas, Dobermans, mastiffs, pit bull-types, and other powerful dogs can be wonderful protectors of children, but their great strength can be dangerous if they're not properly socialized. Although smaller dogs are statistically the most common biters, typically they do less damage because they lack strength and size. A large guardian dog who feels possessive over a toy or food can be dangerous.

We have compiled the list here of what we consider to be the best dogs that are good with children over the ages of  seven, the breeds represented here all have great temperaments,  high levels of tolerance and a sturdiness that can withstand the most rambunctious play of young kids.  

If these breeds aren’t quite what you had in mind for your own children , then you might like to consider  small dog breeds that are good with children or dog breeds that are good with young children under the age of 7.

Our Best Dog Breeds For Children

Are You Looking For A Child Friendly Dog?  Do You Have Kids and/Or A Dog Not Featured Here? Tell us why they are so good with children and share your experiences, Do You Have A Related Question? - Just ask and we will be happy to help .

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Sturdily built and perfect for boisterous kids. This docile dog is gentle,sweet and very amiable but don't expect him to run around too much after them .


Sturdily built and very active, this fun loving all adventure pooch will never grow tired of playing games. They are smart, friendly and happy to boot.


The ultimate nanny dog, just ask “Peter Pan”! Newfies are gentle, sweet natured, patient and protective, they adore children but are too big for some.

Labrador Retriever

America’s most popular breed and for good reason! Labradors are the perfect dog for children of all ages, being playful, loving, gentle and reliable.

Golden Retriever

Third most popular breed In America and a fantastic dog for children. They are playful and smart, very patient and sweet natured.

Border Terrier

Sweet natured and affectionate these little fellas ooze charm. They are playful,active and also gentle. One of the few small terrier breeds deemed “child friendly”.  

Border Collie

Very active and very smart, these guys make great companions for lively children, they excel at games and will play fetch the ball all day long if allowed.

Bearded Collie

Playful, happy and mischievous, the “Beardy “ is always wagging his tail. A natural comedian these dogs are just the perfect side kick for your own cheeky little monkeys!

Cocker Spaniel

With a wonderfully gentle temperament and boundless energy, this breed is just the right size for kids to handle. Cockers are happy, friendly and enthusiastic.

American Cocker Spaniel
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