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Which Breed Of Dog Is Right For You?

Understanding which dog breed is right for you can seem  a daunting task at first. No mammal on earth has has quite the same variation or diversity as our own trusty canine best friends.

Centuries of selective breeding have moulded domestic dogs into all sorts of shapes and sizes in order to perform the roles we ask of them. From the tiny ball of neurotic yapping fluff with its strangely bulging eyes, right up to that  enormous half yeti monolith that was bred to guard sheep on a lonely mountainside. It seems hard to believe they are all the same species.

Which Dog Breed Is Right For You?

Most scientists now believe that the family dog is more closely related to the Grey Wolf (Canis Lupus) than was ever fully realised in the past, so much so that in 1993 our common dog species changed back from Canis Familiaris Domesticus to Canis Lupus Familiaris, a subspecies of the aforementioned  wolf. So closely related are they in fact that interbreeding is possible with fully viable offspring known as Wolfdogs.

Bizarrely this basically means that the snoring, shaggy mound taking up the best spot by fireplaces up and down the country is essentially a wolf! A wolf in pooch clothing if you like.

Now don’t get alarmed and rush round to your neighbour’s house and give his “Old Faithful” both barrels from your blunderbuss in fear that ‘Adolf’ the Dachshund is about to go on a sheep rampage.

The point I’m trying to make is that we have, after thousands of years of selective breeding created numerous types of dogs to perform specific tasks or functions, with the wilder more primeval aspects of the Grey Wolf’s character such as dressing up in Grandmother’s clothing thankfully being bred out over the intervening  generations.

This is great  when it comes to finding out which dog breed is right for you as there are bound to be breeds or dog types that fit in perfectly with your lifestyle.

You will need to be aware for example not to base your requirements on broad parameters such as of size alone. The Parson Jack Russell and the Pekingese are both small breeds, one, being a Terrier is very active whilst the sedate Pekingese is in the Toy group. Only one would cope well as a lap dog!

Over time, certain traits that are shared by different types of dogs have coalesced into the major breed groups that we see today and have been formally grouped into eight major classifications of rare & common breeds. Our site uses the conventions adopted by the  American Kennel Club (AKC).   The AKC  is the largest of the official American breed organisations and set the standards when it comes to breed classifications .

So how to find the right breed for you? For starters we have an interesting page on the most popular dog breeds  - there is good reason why they are so common. The best dog breed for you is not necessarily the one you initially thought about, but the one which is most compatible with your lifestyle.

 There are over 300 recognised breeds out there so it makes sense to draw up a 'shopping list' of doggy requirements, with ‘must haves' and not important's clearly highlighted that you can work from.  If you haven't done so already, please check out our how to choose a dog page which will give you an idea of the major lifestyle considerations you will need account for. And don't forget, finding a reputable dog breeder is just as important as finding the right breed

A typical list might look something like this :

Like all projects, it pays to do your research. Knowing what kind of dog you want before you find yourself suckered into submission by the soulful yearning of some cute little puppy eyes will save you AND your dog a whole lot of trouble later on. With help from these and other pages in the site I am sure we will be finding the best dog breeds that suit you in no time.

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