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dalmatian historyDalmatian History is interesting and varied to say the least, from guardian breed of European nomads via fire house dog to film star , the Dalmatian has it all.

The complete history of the Dalmatian is lost in the mists of time and is believed by some to have originated in India and there are certainly some intriguing bas reliefs of spotted dogs coming out of ancient Egypt.

Over time this unique breed ended up in the area from where it was first recorded; the rugged coastal region of Dalmatia which lies on the shores of the Adriatic Sea in south eastern Europe, where they were utilised as guardians watchdogs hunting companions and even dogs of war for their  masters.dalmatian history

The modern breed which we know today is noted for its unique black or brown spotted coat and was  brought to Britain and developed from the 1700's onwards,  they had their heyday during the Regency and Victorian periods where they were routinely employed as coach or carriage dogs.

The carriage dog's  role it was to run both alongside and amidst the axles of passenger or mail coaches etc, where they not only provided an aesthetic touch of style to proceedings, but also acted as a guard for passengers and property alike, as well as protecting the horses from innumerable marauding stray dogs that were prevalent at this time.

With the arrival of motor transportation however, their role gradually became redundant and the breed started to decline in popularity .

Owing to its affinity with horses and running they did continue to escortdalmatian hiistory horse drawn fire engines until the early 20th Century and their excellent watchdog characteristics meant they were ideally suited to guarding the expensive fire equipment and horses from potential thieves in fire stations.

This  is the reason why these guys are still referred to as “fire house dogs” in the united states and why they are still regularly seen as fire station mascots or as symbols for fire awareness education programs.

Dalmatian History is indeed fascinating, this remains very popular breed though now is seen primarily as a companion. Is a Dalmatian the right dog for you? why not check out our breed guide for more information.

Dalmatian History

Your Little Guide To This Spotty Marvel

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