The range of dog sizes is huge, and big is not always better! What size of dog you choose will depend on a number of issues to do with your own lifestyle .Find great information here on the main differences between small breeds (up to 25 lbs), medium size dog breeds(26-50 lbs)and larger breed dogs at 50 lbs upwards.

 Dog Sizes


Bear in mind that most dogs are happy to live in the same space as their owners providing they are getting the right amount of daily exercise. A sleeping giant will take up less room in your home than a highly strung miniature tearing round the house.

Small breeds especially are easily hurt by rough play and may be quicker to bite or lash out than larger more robust dogs, that are more inclined just to push an annoying child onto their bum as they stand up and move away.

 Another consideration when thinking about what sized dog is most suitable for you is just how manageable that dog will be when you need to move them. Sheer mass dictates it is always easier to shove the most defiant of small or toy dogs out of the way than one of the extra large breed dogs, such as a great big docile lump of a St Bernard.

Very often your final choice boils down to compromise  and many people find that the larger variety and versatility of medium sized dog breeds sways them over their more extreme sized cousins.

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From Tiny To Massive, Find The Right Size For You.

Dog Sizes

Factors to consider when finding your best dog

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