dogs-age-puppyDeciding on what your chosen dog’s age should be will be is a major consideration as older dog care vs new puppycare couldn't be more different.

Choosing A Dog’s Age

When choosing the right dog for your lifestyle you will probably find that the dog’s age you decide on will also resolve a number of your other dog ownership questions at a stroke. Puppies by definition are a lot more demanding and hard work than older more seasoned dogs.

Puppyhood: Getting a new puppy is a rite of passage for many of us. Happy memories of your first dog as a kid when ‘Buster’ arrived as a 10 week old pup.

What we might not remember however is all the time and patient training it took to bring out “Buster’s” full potential as he grew into adulthood and the perfect family dog.

Puppies are delightful and scrumptiously cute I'm sure we all agree.

New puppy care however will require a lot of hard work that belies their tiny size, they need to be trained and taught everything from scratch. Have a look at this page for some great advice about  choosing a puppy.

Let's be realistic.If you are the adult of the house, in all probability you will be the one who ends up doing the bulk of puppy's training,  despite the eager promises of early morning walks and poop scooping by your children prior to the novelty wearing off.

Housebreaking your puppy can be a long drawn out process, so too can training which very much depends on what breed you decide to get, as some breeds are much harder to house train or train than others

Couple this with midnight howling for Mama, chewed furniture, chewed slippers, in fact chewed everything whilst your puppy teethes and the fact that your new puppy will most probably cost more in vets bills means, you need to be absolutely sure you can cope with the demands a puppy brings.

Just being able to cope however is not enough, you will need to look forward to and enjoy the challenge that new puppy care presents. Fortunately the rewards are well worth the effort when you have a beautiful family dog that you and your children will remember lovingly for the rest of your lives.

Adult Dogdogs-age-adult: If the idea of wiping up puddles of wee and sitting on gnawed chairs doesn’t appeal, or you just haven’t got the time to deal with the work that’s required in training a puppy but really want to be a dog owner, then maybe you need to think about an adult or older dog.

You know what you are getting with an adult dog as their temperament, health, energy levels, training and suchlike are already known quantities.

This reduces greatly the chance of nasty surprises that you may get as your puppy matures,  this is especially true of crossbreed dogs or mutts of uncertain heritage.

One thing that is really worth considering if you think an adult dog would suit your lifestyle better, is to adopt or rescue one.

Many people don't readily consider adoption from dog rescue centres, assuming wrongly that those dogs are just bad, mad or ill!. In fact nothing could be further from the truth and you will probably find that the expert assistance provided by staff at any one of the many decent dog adoption centers around will make choosing the right dog a much simpler process.

dogs-age-senior-dogSenior Dog: When thinking about your prospective new dogs age, it may be also  worthwhile looking at the possibility an older or more senior dog.

Very often these are animals who have spent many years living happily with an owner or family, only for circumstances to change and they end up in a dog shelter.

These dogs, because of their age are less likely to be adopted and often spend their last years in a home or being put down.

Adopting a senior dog can be a wonderful way to let an old faithful dog see out its twilight years, they are far more likely to be lower energy if you are seeking a more chilled out furry friend.

A senior dog may be an ideal solution if you live in a small apartment or don't have much time to extensively exercise your dog.

You may be a senior citizen yourself who is looking to share some time in gentle companionship with a like minded soul rather than being run ragged by a lunatic puppy.

Older dog care differs greatly to new puppy care. Above all a senior dog needs love, patience and understanding, they will more likely require special attention regards diet or health related issues,  you will need to be prepared for the possibility of more vet time; And of course being a senior dog you will obviously have a more limited life with them before they are called to the great kennel in the sky.

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Choosing The Right Dogs Age For Your Lifestyle

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