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Find English Bull Terrier rescue contacts here. Also known as the “Bully” this is an exuberant powerful breed which requires careful training and socialization to get the best out of them.

At Choosing A Dog Made Easy we encourage people who want a new dog to consider giving an abandoned shelter/rescue dog a loving forever home.

I know it is not everyone’s first choice to start with as it's very easy to get hung up on the idea of a cute puppy, but just consider for a moment that there are some compelling reasons to think about visiting your local dog rescue centres before you buy a puppy from a breeder or god forbid a pet store.

Many of these reasons are covered elsewhere in this site, but just to re-cap if you go to a shelter and give a dog a forever home you are more then likely saving that dog from being euthanized.

Millions of dogs are abandoned annually and most rescue shelters especially municipal ones simply do not have the space to keep dogs indefinitely, the sad fact is that most dogs are given 3-6 months to find a home before they are put to sleep, obviously there are many adoption centers that dont do this but tragically these are the bleak facts.

Rescue Dogs are more likely to be trained and house broken to some varying degree, they are more likely to be an adult dog and any good rescue shelter will have knowledgeable staff who will assess your circumstances and place you with a suitable dog.

The cost of owning a dog is likely to by considerably cheaper than buying from a breeder and if you do have your heart set on a certain breed like the Bull Terrier then most national clubs will have specific adoption programme for your preferred breed, and the cost is likely to be much cheaper.Choosing to adopt or rescue a dog really is the kindest thing you can do ,


Bull Terrier Adoption Information And Contacts

English Bull Terrier Rescue

Bull Terrier Rescue Inc

Bull Terrier club of America

Bull Terrier Rescue of Southern California

Bullies In Need

Bull Terrier Rescue Trust

Bull Terrier Club of Canada

Where Bully Rescues Unite

English Bull Terrier  Rescue

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