These free puppy training tips offers an insightful guide into all aspects of basic puppy training and how to get the best results. The best free puppy training is based on reward not punishment.

"Successful puppy training really is all about positive reinforcement, dogs will repeat a response that brings them a reward and they'll be less likely to repeat anything that does not bring a reward." T.Hotchner 'The Dog Bible'

Tasty food morsels are a powerful incentive for your puppy and combined with physical contact,or access to his favourite toy and verbal praise on successful completion or mastery of a training task, makes a winning combination.

For the best puppy training results it is of paramount importance to build a trusting relationship with your new puppy. Coercive or negative methods are used by some trainers, but by using physical discipline or punishment to get your dog to comply with commands will succeed only in having a dog that obeys through fear and fear in itself can then lead on to all sorts of behavioral problems. Your puppy should actively look forward to your approach and your touch.


                          Always practice and keep practicing even if you think puppy has                           learned a command.

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Free Puppy Training Tips

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