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How To Take Care Of Dogs

how to take care of dogsKnowing how to take care of dogs properly is fundamental to responsible dog ownership. Learn to care for your dog with these essential tips.

Once you have spent time out actively  choosing the right dog for your lifestyle the last piece of the puzzle to put in place is satisfying your self that you know how to take care of your dog and provide him with the full and happy life you both deserve.

Its is beyond the scope of this site to give the pages in this particular section the full weight and detail that they deserve  but rather is intended to give you dear reader and novice dog owner some starting points to get you going, to give you an idea of what is to come and what is expected.

From time to to time I will recommend other quality websites or products, but only if I think they actively enrich the dog owning experience.

  1. Water and food, well that is simple enough you would think certainly fresh water every day is an  essential part of dog care, with an adequate amount of the right food as recommended by your vet. Seriously,  no chocolate , no sugar no high salt snacks no scrapings from the table, that is just a fast track to canine obesity, dental problems and poor health.
  2. Accommodation:Provide protected and clean living space for your dog, it should be sheltered from the elements, free of hazards and with good hygiene
  3. Visit your vet on a regular basis for check ups. Your veterinarian will provide invaluable advice regards de-worming, vaccinations, micro chipping and general health matters.  Your vet is also your first point of contact should  your dog become  ill or injured, understand why adequate dog medical insurance is not a luxury but rather a necessity and be sure to check out cheap dog insurance alternatives.
  4.  Exercise: provide your dog with the exercise he needs to stay healthy, not just physically but also mentally as  lack of proper exercise is a major reason why many animals develop dog behavioral problems.
  5. Dogs are social animals and they belong in a pack. You and your family are his pack so don’t deprive him of the social interaction he requires. Learn how to care for your dog by communication, take the time to understand his body language and develop a closer relationship, it is amazing how much you can understand about your dog by knowing his language.
  6. Training your dog adequately is an important part of dog care .You don't have to have an all singing all dancing wonder dog but it is beholden on any responsible dog owner to train your dog to follow simple commands such as to sit or stay. Not only does it make your life so much less stressful having a biddable dog, but an uncontrolled dog is a dangerous dog, and you the owner are legally liable for its behavior.  
  7. Puppy classes are a great way to start, and there are numerous courses, books and guides detailing all aspects of dog training, why not have a look at our  site’s own  great primer guide on  obedience training for puppies
  8. Controlling your dog’s reproduction by spaying or neutering  if you are not planning to have puppies is really the most sensible and responsible option. There are already millions,  unwanted in dog adoption centers all over the USA please don't add to the problem. If you are planning puppies or don't believe in neutering then please consult fully with your vet about the best way to proceed and make every effort to avoid unplanned and badly matched mating's don't  be a back yard breeder.
  9. Teeth: Another aspect of dog care is by looking after your dog’s dental care, gum disease not only leads to premature tooth loss, but can also cause infections in major organs.
  10. Grooming and nail clipping are also fundamental aspects of good dog care, regular grooming keeps your dog healthy and fit and also gives you the chance to keep an eye on their physical condition. Do it yourself dog grooming at home is a great way to bond with your dog and its cheap too !

Most important of all though is…

Love! I know this sounds a bit simpering but lets face it most people get a dog for companionship and love, if you show your dog even a third of the devotion he shows to you he will be in furry heaven. Your dog will forgive you pretty much anything so I would say as a final tip on how to take care of dogs is to just give them the love and security they crave and you really cant go far wrong.

Knowing how to care for your dog isn't rocket science, but it is important. If you start with these simple dog care tips as a guide and expand on them as your experience and knowledge increase you will set the foundations on which to build a long lasting and meaningful relationship with your canine friend.

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How To Take Care Of Dogs

10 essential Tips

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