Teaching your new puppy dog to come when you call

How To Teach A Dog To Come

Knowing how to teach a dog to come is possibly the most important lesson you can instil in your new pooch  and it may even save her life someday.

A well learned “come “command can make life with your dog a pleasure, having a reliable”come “means the dog wont be a nuisance to other people and she will not be at risk because you can always call her out of a dangerous situation. It ensures that your dog will return to you immediately when you call, even if there is any kind of distraction or danger nearby.

Teaching your your dog to come when called should always be a pleasing experience, so you should never call your dog to you in order to scold or yell at her, otherwise she will soon learn not to respond at all

When your dog does come to you, make sure to give her lots of praise, petting, and, in the beginning, a treat. If your dog expects happy things when reaching your side, you'll never have trouble getting her to come to you.

Learning How To Teach Your Dog To Come is best learned gradually and by taking small steps

Your dog should come to you enthusiastically,  If not, try going over and get as close as you can and have a really unbelievably delicious treat in your hand, give her a little sniff of the morsel until she is positively drooling. As soon as she knows it’s there close your hand, say her name (but not the word “come” ) and move away.

As soon as your dog takes a step forward toward your hand say “Come” in a really enthusiastic, happy and affirming way before giving her the treat. Your dog should then make the connection between the word “come “ and moving towards you.

Puppies up to 6 months of age feel a little insecure and will want to be near you so will come to you  naturally, after this age dogs start to become more independent minded (some breeds more than others) and they may start to get a bit teenager on you and not want to come.

Just remember these little tips:

Don't get angry with your puppy if she doesn't come. Go over, get close, call her invitingly and encourage her, “Come” must always be a positive command.

 Keep her interested, puppy may be a bit bored of the same exercises make a game of it, call  out  “Come” to puppy from different rooms in the house or outside, play hide and seek.

Common Mistakes When Teaching Your Dog To Come

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