Learning how to teach a dog to stay should follow after the “sit” command and can be hard for some dogs to understand, especially puppies.

Re­member that your dog wants nothing more than to be at your side, so it will be hard for her to stay in one place while you walk away.

You should only expect your pup to perform this command for a few seconds at first, and gradually work up to longer periods of time.

 How To Teach A Dog To Stay- what “stay” actually means and when to use it.

Stay means to wait right there in the desired position, either as “sit, stay” or “down, stay”. “Stay is used for short periods of time such as when you go to answer the door or get out of the car. You would use another  command like “wait” “go to bed” for longer periods of time in which the dog can be in any position as long as they are not moving around.

Remember you are training your dog to stay, not drilling soldiers on the parade ground. barking  orders and sounding harsh can frighten a sensitive dog or give the impression that she has done something wrong. By using the online dog trainer’s kind and gentle approach we can teach our dog to stay without running the risk of causing behavioral problems to develop

Give your dog undivided attention when training the “stay” command with total eye contact and be aware of its attention span, make sure she sees  what you want and remains interested,

If your dog breaks the stay don’t jerk the lead or raise your voice and act menacing, after all up until the second she broke the stay she was being complaint. This is where being watchful comes in - as soon as puppy gets up you say “siiit, stay”and repeat the stay hand command, praise as soon as she sits back down.

Think about what you are asking your puppy to do; to stay still in one place until released. This cant take quite a lot of mental effort and will power for her to master, so praise her generously the moment puppy complies with your “stay”, continually say her name and praise her during the early learning curve, saying her name and praising until you release her “  I. E Good molly,… good stay…. Good girl…okay” then let puppy have a little play and take a break.

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Teaching your puppy that patience is a virtue

How To Teach A Dog To Stay

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