Exciting New Breeds Or Over Hyped Scam

hybrid dogs, designer dog, breed, Rhianna , celebrityUnderstand designer dog breeds. Are they great new breeds in development? Or simply a con by dubious breeders to sell mutts to the gullible?

Groodles & Schnoodles & Sproodles Oh My! …..Please Read On Before You Buy.

I am sure we have all seen and heard the hype surrounding these new pooch sensations, adorable and cute super dogs that have taken the world by storm. Labradoodles, Cocker-poos, Malti-poos and more combine the best attributes of both breeds while eliminating the bad. At least that is the theory.

Can't decide between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund? No problem, get a Chiweiner.

The trend for customising canine companions to suit our lifestyle choices has elevated designer dog breeds into the position of most in demand pets, and when we see the likes of our favourite celebrities owning a designer dog, you know it's a trend that’s going to keep getting bigger.

There is a downside however, but first lets rewind a bit and ask some questions.

What On Earth Is a Designer Dog Breed In The First Place?

A true hybrid is a cross between two similar species, for example a horse and a donkey produce a mule. Because dogs all belong to the same species, the term hybrid in this case  applies to the offspring of two different registered purebreeds, where the heritage of both parents are known. A Pug and a Beagle pairing therefore produce a Puggle and a Pug with a Yorkshire Terrier produce a Porkie.

To all intents and purposes therefore a designer dog breed is nothing more than a crossbreed, the term crossbreed is not to be confused with mixed breed which is a dog where only one pure breed parent or grandparent is known, anything else is just a mutt.

So How Has All This Come About?

The recent explosion in interest for designer hybridhybrid dogs, designer dog, breed, labradoodle , celebrity dogs can be traced back to Australia and a chap called Wally Conron, the inventor of the Labradoodle. He was working as the breeding Manager for the Royal Guide Dog Association of Australia back in the early 2000's, when a request came about for a non shedding guide dog for a client whose husband was allergic to dog hair.

Wally Conron tried unsuccessfully to train over 30 poodles to be guide dogs and failied miserably, Poodles it seems just do not have the temperament for it. With their client getting older, Conron decided on a final throw of the dice and mated his Labrador bitch with a Standard Poodle .

The resulting crossbreed puppies were not well received in the wider dog support community, no one would take them for training or socialisation as everyone wanted a pure breed guide dog.

It was beginning to look like the whole worthy project and years of hard work were doomed to failure. At his lowest ebb, Conron had a flash of inspiration, he conjured up the name 'Labradoodle' and declared to the world that he and his team had invented a new dog breed. The rest as they say, is history.

For Wally Conron's take on the whole subject click here, which is an interesting and thought provoking article that appeared in the Guardian Newspaper on Saturday 13th November 2010.

What Happened Next?

As often happens, the story was taken up with gusto by an enthusiastic press and quickly developed into a global phenomenon, when high profile 'A' List celebrities started to be seen with  designer dog's, everyone wanted one.

Since 2007 there has been an explosion of so called hybrid dogs', the term ' designer dog' comes about because people want to create dogs that fit into their own lifestyles, they want to take certain preferred traits from breeds and filter out the less desirable ones .

hybrid dogs, designer dog, breed, puggle , celebrityPuggles are a classic example of this idea. A Beagle & Pug is crossed with the aim of reducing the Pug's inherent breathing difficulties and at the same time lessen the Beagle's determined single mindedness in following scent trails.

Poodles are the most popular breed to cross, not only are there three sizes; the Miniature, Toy and Standard Poodle respectively, which allows for many possible bred combos, they are also considered to be hypo-allergenic (non allergic) and shed very little hair.

Roodles (Rottweiler /Poodle),

Groodles (Greyhound/Poodle),

Schnoodles (Schnauzer/Poodles),

Golden-Doodles (Golden Retriever /Poodle)

Malti-poo's (Maltese/poodle)

The list goes on! In fact there were at last count over 354 registered ' designer or hybrid dogs available and the list is growing every day .

So What Are The Problems?

hybrid dogs, designer dog, breed, celebrityWell the cynic in me would say that a designer dog breed is nothing more than a crossbreed being packaged up to sound more appealing or more exotic than it actually is, with the sole purpose of being sold at a premium.

There are several main concerns that you will need to consider very carefully if you are looking for one of these types of dog.

What You See Is Not Necessarily What You Get.

The main difference between a classic pure breed and a designer breed, is that pure breeds were bred over generations for a specific purpose, such as hunting or herding and as a result will breed true. Mate two Boxers with one another and they will produce a litter of Boxer puppies, all of whom will grow up into adult boxers, with a set of similar physical and temperamental characteristics which can be quantified and registered in any one of the major national breed organisations.

For A Designer Hybrid Dog This Is Simply Not The Case.

hybrid dogs, designer dog, breed, miley cyrus, malti poo , celebrityIn lay person's terms a designer dog is created by breeding two pure-bred dogs together, the resultant ' first generation ' of puppies will exhibit a fair  number of randomly inherited characteristics from both parents. This means in any litter you are likely to see a spread of pups which range from the best of characteristics to the worst.

That Puggle we mentioned earlier could just as easily have bad breathing problems and still retain an insatiable desire to follow a scent, the worst of both worlds indeed! .

Misleading Descriptions

The issue I have is that little of this is mentioned when you visit the websites or look at the classified ads for a particular designer breed that you might be interested in.

This quote comes from a Labrashepherd website, the profile page says.......'The Labrashepherd has the caution of a German Shepherd Dog but does not bounce off walls like a Lab .'....Really?

What about one that bounces off the walls like a lab, has no caution and a very high guarding instinct, they could both be in the same litter, which one would you choose?.

Any prospective buyer also needs to watch out for a certain false legitimacy created by breeders and organisations that promote respective designer dog “breeds." There is a huge band wagon rolling and a lot of charlatans are operating to make a quick buck.

Dubious breeders and puppy mills are churning out puppies that are the result of ill considered cross breeding experiments. If they are the first breeder to invent a particular combination, they can register the name.

They then attach a cute sounding breed title such as 'Pit-Huahua' to the offspring and promote them on any number of dog websites, or with several hybrid registration organisations. This lends the whole process, a veneer of legitimacy giving the false impression these designer dogs are somehow a new breed with proper accreditation.

Designer Dogs Are Not Registered Breeds

hybrid dogs, designer dog, breed, jessica simpson , daisy, maltipoo, celebrityAnyone can buy a hybrid dog and register it with an ' official club' as a genuine 'Scooby-Doodle' or whatever, but remember these registrations and certificates are not worth the paper they are written on, as they have no validity with any of the national kennel associations.

I am not saying that cross-breeding cannot over time produce new breeds, but it is a hard, slow complicated process by dedicated individuals and clubs. The silky terrier for example was the result of a hybrid cross programme between the Australian Terrier and the Yorkshire Terrier and gained acceptance into the AKC in 1935.

What About The Australian Labradoodle?

As of the time of writing only the Australian Labradoodle (not to be confused with a Labradoodle) is approaching anything like recognition as an accepted breed. It is the result of an exhaustive Australian breeding programme designed to get it recognised with the major kennel clubs and interestingly, the Australian variety involves strains from six different progenitor breeds rather than the two you get in a regular Labradoodle.

Practical Issues To Consider When Choosing A Designer Dog

Click Here For Universal Advice On How To Find A Reputable Breeder .

Before you decide on a new designer dog, why not consider at least adopting a dog. There are millions of unwanted and un cared for crossbreeds and mixed breeds in dog adoption centers waiting for a new home. Undoubtedly the craze for designer dogs means many thousands of them are being destroyed needlessly on a daily basis.

Practical example of what I’m talking about.

Our new dog Cilla is a cross between a Labrador and a Collie, so technically in designer breed speak she is a “Lollie” or a “Collador”, If I were gullible enough to fall into the trap of buying her from a backyard breeder of dubious intent I would be fleeced out of the best part of a thousand dollars for essentially a mutt.  As It was, Cilla came from a dog rescue shelter, we paid three hundred dollars for her, which included her vaccinations and micro chip and helped to save a beautiful young dog from being put down.

Why pay lots more for a hybrid than a pure breed when you can visit a shelter and choose a crossbreed for next to nothing and, save a life doing it.?

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