obedience-training-for-puppiesDiscover how obedience training for puppies is such an important part of raising a puppy well. These great puppy training tips for beginners really will start you off on the right paw.

Your Puppy does not automatically know how he should behave so will need training in order to learn the rules. Once your dog knows these rules, he is usually perfectly willing to do whatever it takes in order to fit into the family pack.

There are a number of important commands you will need to train your new dog: How to sit, how to stay , how to come on command, and of course house training to name a few. When you provide this opportunity you and your dog will get along beautifully for the duration of your life together.

I would thoroughly recommend any new dog or puppy owner check out Doggy Dan’s fantastic SPCA approved Online Dog Trainer, hundreds of hours of expert easy to follow video training at your fingertips.

Basic puppy obedience training is not inherently difficult, you are fortunate in that the little ball of fur you have recently brought home is hard wired to behave in a cooperative and socially inclusive way, sure some breeds might be more  wilful than others and of course all dogs have a unique personality, but compare training the most stubborn of dogs say a to say a reluctant cat and I think you get the idea.

Dogs want to conform, they want to please, it is up to you to make sure they fulfil their potential.

The hardest part about training a puppy is that it demands total commitment on the part of you the owner. Poorly planned or half hearted training,  giving up when things get difficult or when patience is required is useless and will leave the dog confused and undisciplined. Before you embark on bringing home a puppy make sure you are choosing the right dog for your lifestyle, also remember that some breeds are easier to train and more biddable than others and of course don't forget that an adult dog rescued from a  dog rescue center ,is more than likely already  trained / house broken  thus saving you the hassle.

Obedience Training For Puppies

Is important.

Whether you want a well mannered pet or a dog capable of winning at shows, theobediance-training-for-puppies earlier you begin the better. You too will benefit from training, because you will learn how to motivate your puppy, prevent dog behavioral problems and how to correct mistakes that do happen.

Training a puppy is made easier when you understand how your dog learns.

Your growing puppy will be constantly learning through experience, whenever your puppy experiences something that he likes it will reinforce these specific behavior's.

Dogs can experience things passively e.g the things that just happen around them in their day to day lives that they have no influence over or actively.

Active experiences are the ones that you establish during the time you are training puppy. Perhaps the best puppy training tips that any trainer can ever give you, is to instil in your dog a sense of fun, and the  anticipation of reward he receives on successfully learning a new skill or command. This sense of reward also applies when puppy manages to avoid temptation and undesirable behavior such as excessive barking or jumping up at people.

Another important factor when considering how to train a puppy is your relationship with your dog, it goes without saying that at the heart of every successful puppy training is a trusting bond between you both, if your methods are positive then it stands to reason that training will be a simpler process than if you get frustrated, angry or impatient. Likewise If you train your dog using punishment then you will end up with a dog that obeys through fear and not through a sense of willing devotion.

I hope you find the time to check out some of our other basic training pages, they are designed to get you started with the earliest and most important of commands. However If you are looking for a truly comprehensive training programme, something that you can undertake at the times convenient to you then I would wholeheartedly suggest  you take a look at our online dog training reviews which higlight some of the best home trainings systems on the web.

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Simple, Yet Powerful Puppy Training Tips For Everyone

Obedience Training  For Puppies

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