#5 Perfect Pooch Train-At-Home System    

The Perfect Pooch Train At Home System Is a home dog training solution, written and devised by certified dog training professional Dana Gallagher who has over 13 years experience to her name and after training literally thousands of dogs in that time there is not much that she can’t teach you about the subject.

 Using Dana’s tried and tested techniques, based as they are on sound scientific learning theories positive reinforcement and importantly no harsh discipline you will have every chance succeeding with your dog.

The Perfect Pooch Train At Home System comes in the form of a number of online video lessons and although it is one of the cheapest training programs available, it does not mean that the quality is any less. This is a great product and well worth a look. Review Pending

Online dog training is the perfect way to train your dog, not only can you do it in the familiar comfort of your own home at a convenient time that suits, but you can also train at your own pace, which is something that’s not possible with formal sessions. Why not read our reviews for the most popular online dog trainers and decide for yourself.

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Online Dog Training Reviews

#2 Dog Training Online   

Developed by renowned Hollywood dog training coach Dove Cresswell, her Dog Training Online system is one of the most popular online training programs on the market.

 Dog Training Online covers everything you would expect from such a talented individual, and consists of 50 training videos, going from basic lessons right up to  advanced skills and tricks. It also deals with common behavioural problems such as jumping up or digging.

 Dove’s entire program is based around the concept that dog training should be fun rather than a chore and allows for bite sized training chunks of 15 minutes a day to help keep things fresh and engaging. Read the full review of Dog Training Online



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#3 The Dog Training System   

The  Dog Training System is a professional dog training course in that it was developed by Kristin Wild, herself a member of  the association of Pet Dog Trainers and includes 22 video lessons designed to solve your dogs behavioural problems using positive and humane methods.

Whilst not as all encompassing as other online dog training courses The Dog Training System fills a specific need helping desperate owners overcome serious and seemingly un resolvable problems with their dogs.

Review Pending

#4 Secrets To Dog Training    

Secrets To Dog Training Is written by renowned professional dog trainer Daniel Stevens and is one of the most in depth and comprehensive dog ownership manuals you can find.

Coming in e-book format weighing in at a hefty 256 pages, Secrets To Dog Training also includes a number of bonus books, audio and video downloads,and unlimited access to its knowledgeable and active members only dog community forums.

If this wasn’t enough there is also an option to upgrade to the premium version which offers another series of online training videos with professional trainers. Secrets To Dog Training is absolutely packed chock full with dog care and training advice and Daniel Stevens really knows his stuff. Review Pending

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#1 The Online Dog Trainer

The Online Dog Trainer is a complete online training system that comes in the form of over 250 instructional videos (with more added on a weekly basis), that takes the most inexperienced dog trainer on a step-by-step journey towards a well mannered responsive doggy companion.

Starting with the most basic concepts and commands right up to advanced skills and ability training, Doggy Dan’s( Dan Abdelnoor) obvious love of dogs, expertise and likeable personality really shines through. What’s more, his training methods are fully endorsed by the SPCA.

The Online Dog Trainer is backed up by a helpful support forum that can be accessed once the users membership has been activated.  Read the full review of The Online Dog Trainer.

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