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pug health- obese pugPugs are not without their health problems, some can be prevented or mitigated against whilst some are incredibly serious and sadly will result in your Pug’s death

Common Pug Health Issues

The most common Pug health problem that you are likely to face on a daily basis and the easiest to deal with is their insatiable greed! Pugs are gluttons they just love to eat, and if not regulated properly will become obese. Feed not what it says on the bag but only what is required to keep your snuffling food hoover at a healthy weight where you can just feel the ribs

Most of the Pug’s more serious problems come from the fact they are so heavily inbred that they  have ceased to have any real naturalness about them - whilst it may make them look “cute” it does nothing for their health or physical well being.

When grooming your pug, you will need to pay particular attention to their face and nose wrinkles to avoid a build up of gunk that can lead to infection, the teeth must be brushed regularly especially since many of the teeth are overcrowded in the small, flat muzzle and mouth of the Pug.

Since Pugs lack longer snouts and prominent skeletal brow ridges, they are susceptible to eypug healthe injuries such as proptosis and scratched corneas, cherry eye and painful entropion.

Some Pug health problems are likely to be as a result of their short noses, and can be prone to respiratory and snoring issues.  Most of these respiratory problems revolve around the fact that they have elongated soft palates and pinched nostrils, whilst this can be corrected with surgery, the procedure is expensive and giving anaesthesia to flat faced breeds such as the Pug is not without risk.

When excited, Pugs are prone to "reverse sneezing," where the dog will quickly, and seemingly laboriously, gasp and snort. This is caused by fluid or debris getting caught under the palate and irritating the throat or limiting breathing. "Reverse sneezing" episodes are usually not harmful to the pug and resolve themselves. Massaging the dog's throat or covering its nose in order to make it breathe through its mouth can often shorten episodes.

One thing that you really do need to be aware of is the risk of heat stroke. Remember this dog is a companion breed and not designed for any great physical exertion especially if the weather is particularly hot or humid.

It is horrifying how quickly a dog can die from heat stroke especially if like the Pug it does not have the mechanisms (due to its shortened muzzle ) to pant properly.

Pug dog encephalitis (PDE) is a condition that is being researched because it seems to be related to genetics. Its symptoms are seizures, circling, blindness, coma and death. It is a rapid degenerative disease that can be fatal in a matter of weeks.

All dogs usually die or are euthanised within a few months after the onset of clinical signs, which usually occurs anywhere from 6 months to 7 years of age. However, Pugs can suffer from Epilepsy and these seizures can be totally unrelated to encephalitis.

Other Pug health problems include seasonal allergies which will be displayed by weepy eyes, sneezing, etc. Food allergies are not as common; however, some veterinarians will suggest a change in Diet to combat seasonal allergies.

This is not a breed recommended to be bred to other breeds because of the health concerns that they are susceptible to. Many other breeds especially Beagles are introducing other diseases like Progressive Retinal Atrophy which is a degenerative eye condition that leads to blindness. This is a particular problem considering the huge growth in popularity for so called designer dog breeds such as the Puggle

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Pug health problems can be a concern, Find out more about Pug dogs, their health issues and how to improve them

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