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Puggle Information

Useful Puggle information for this most popular of hybrid dog breeds, Full grown Puggles will usually take on the characteristics of both parents as these great Puggle pictures illustrate.

Enthusiasts for this mixed breed, which is a cross between them Beagle and the Pug, believe the Puggle holds the best characteristics of both. The longer nose is believed to eliminate the Pug's frequent breathing problems (and loud snoring), while the easy, mellow temperament of the Pug tones down the Beagle's enthusiastic but sometime hyperactive approach to life. Further advantages include the fact that Puggles only occasionally seem to inherit the howling bark so characteristic of Beagles.

Key Puggle Information

Puggles are generally between 12-16in (30-40cm) at the withers, and 15-30lbs' in weight. They can be a variety of colours and patterns depending on the characteristics they have inheirited from their parents.Because the Puggle is a cross between two breeds and does not breed true, it is not recognized by any major kennel club. Some smaller organizations, like the American Canine Hybrid Club, accept registrations.

As these pictures demonstrate, full grown Puggles generally have the solidity of a pug but on leaner finer lines, the face is often a perfect merger of the two breeds with the added advantage that a longer muzzle reduces greatly the breathing problems associated with its Pug parent

A word of caution if you are considering a Puggle!

You may hear claims about hybrid vigour from your potential Puggle breeder, the idea that your Puggle will be healthier than both its parents.

This is not necessarily true as both breeds are susceptible to "cherry eye" and "epilepsy" and may also occasionally, though uncommonly inherit hip dysplasia, so please make sure you are happy with with the health history of both parents before you buy your Puggle, and please make sure you buy your Puggle from a reputable source

Puggles are not neccessarily healthier than their pure breed parents in fact like all mixed breeds they can in fact take any characteristic from their parents, even all the bad ones! this page on "designer dogs" will give you more information about the whole recent popularity in cross

Do You Have A Puggle? We would love love to hear your story, why not upload a picture and share your experiences, tell us why they are your favourite dog. Do You Have A Related Question? - Just ask and we will be happy to help .

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