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Passport To Pug Paradise, Rescue A Pug Today!

Pugs for Adoption

pugs for adoptionConsider Pugs for adoption If you have your heart set on a Pug, it really  is the kindest thing  you can do. You can Adopt a Pug by visiting one of thousands of dog rescue centres across America or check out the the official AKC Pug breed club, Breeders will often take back dogs from people who for one reason or another cannot keep their dog any longer.

Don’t let the fact that they are rescue dogs put you off, Most Pugs up in dog shelters because their original owners made the wrong decisions in the first place or were unable to look after them any longer, not because they were bad or unmanageable dogs.

Sometimes a dog’s owner may die or go into a nursing home, perhaps the dog’s owners divorce and neither party can keep  'Googly' their faithful Pug The dog’s owner might move to a new residence that doesn’t allow pets, or maybe the dog just plain got lost and wasn’t reclaimed

If you really love dogs and you are looking to introduce A Pug into your life then there can really be no kinder thing to do than seriously consider Pug adoption. Well run dog adoption centers don't want repeat offenders, when a dog arrives they will spend time assessing the dog’s health, behavioural characteristics and how well socialised or trained they are.

Often volunteers will foster dogs and take time out to be with them to gauge exactly the temperament and suitability of the dog for re homing, a dog may be at a center for weeks or months before they are considered ready.

Only when they consider him ready will they put a dog up for adoption. The great thing about dog adoption centers is that they will only re home a dog if it's in the dogs best interests.

A good shelter will conduct an interview with you the respective owner and assess your suitability as much as the dogs.

Don’t be surprised if the shelter wants to arrange a home visit to see where your new dog is                                            going to live and make sure you can provide him with all that he needs.

Pugs For Adoption

The following organistions are great starting points if you want to rescue a Pug

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