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Choosing Purebred Dog Breeds or Mutts?

purebred dog breedsPurebred dog breeds have many advantages over mixed dog breeds or crossbreeds, not least because you know what you are likely to get in terms of personality and activity levels, however you will see that mutts and mongrels make fantastic pets too.

When looking for the most suitable dog for your own lifestyle, clearly purebred dogs are very popular, you probably have your own favourite breed; perhaps you grew up with a Bassett Hound and have fond memories from childhood, maybe your best friend has a Labrador and you love its gentle personality and the way it goofs around, and maybe through your own reading you've narrowed down a certain breed that you think is the right dog for you.

There is sometimes a misconception that purebred dog breeds are genetically inbred to the point that they are fundamentally un healthy. While this is not true of the majority of breeds, there are undoubtedly some breeds that have, through many different reasons been over bred to the point where, for example in Bulldogs natural birth is impossible owing to the disproportionately large head sized size of their head, or they have several known genetic problems that are particular to the breed.

Some breeds may have other health issues related to their  physical features such long backs, saggy eyes or shortened muzzles. Our comprehensive  dog types guide will highlight the most serious health concerns associated with any particular breed that you may be interested in .

Just make sure you do all the research necessary to ensure you are fully prepared for any potential challenges your chosen breed will undoubtedly present, and that you only deal with a reputable breeder .This site will help you all the way.

Have You Considered A Mixed Breed Dog?- AKA, mutt, mongrel, Heinz 57.

They can be unique and wonderful companions, with the combinationpurebred-dog-breeds of two or more breeds often balancing out physical characteristics and personality.

While you should expect the unexpected if you are taking a puppy from a rescue centre,  IE not knowing anything about the dog’s parentage.

A mixed dog breed is generally subjected to less health problems than their purebred cousins as crossbreeding often, but not always dilutes detrimental recessive genes.

This is known as ' hybrid vigour' and means the medical conditions that are common in purebred dog breeds are less likely to occur in  mixed dog breeds.

Are Mutts Smarter Than Purebred Dog Breeds?

This is certainly quite a common idea and is based in part on mis-interpreted observation. Purebred dog breeds are raised predominantly in privileged circumstances, they are well fed, socialised early and often and live in comfortable surrounds. From an early age therefore they become dependent on us for everything.

A mixed breed dog on the other hand might be more likely to come from a less cloistered background where they learn or are taught by their parents to live off their wits and be independent. This isn't necessarily increased intelligence, just a different form of learning. Walt Disney's ' Lady And The Tramp' demonstrates this idea perfectly.

Crossbreeds And Designer Dogs?

There is no doubt these crossbreeds and mixed breeds are enjoying something of a popularity growth in recent years, not just from socially responsible families rescuing dogs from dog adoption centres,  but also from an interesting phenomenon that has sprung up in recent years, fuelled in no small part by the media cult of celebrity; that being so called “designer dog breeds “.

I'm sure you've heard of Groodles ,Puggles and Labradoodles etc, new ' designer dogs' have made the headlines as exciting new breeds', very often seen publicly paraded by their proud new celebrity owners.

Make no mistake these are not purebred dog breeds but crossbreeds plain and simple, all be it crossbreeds that have been marketed and packaged as the latest must have thing and put on a bandwagon for everyone to jump on.

While there is nothing wrong with these dogs as such, indeed many will make fantastic pets I’m sure, but you may end up paying hundreds of dollars more for a dog that you could find naturally and freely at a dog rescue shelter,  and often more than if you bought a purebred dog from a registered accredited breeder.

Please be very aware if you are interested in one of these dogs, this page on, designer dogs outlines the issues well.

Whether you select a purebred dog breed or a mixed breed dog as long as you give your new furry pal all the love and attention he deserves you won't go far wrong.

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