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Is a Teddy Bear Pomeranian the same as a Baby Doll Pomeranian? What about the "Teacup" or "Mini"? Just How many Pomeranian Dog Breeds are there?

Teddy bear pomeranian, teacup pomI imagine that during your research on the Pomeranian, you have come across a number of these terms or expressions used by differing breeders or fanciers to describe these dogs and I wouldn’t blame you for getting confused.

Are the Teddy Bear Pomeranian or Baby Doll different Pomeranian dog breeds to that which you have commonly seen?

What about the “Teacup” or “Mini”? do they display different Pomeranian Characteristics to their larger cousins? The answer to both these questions is No.

These are terms used by those who breed for particular characteristics in order to create a variety of Pomeranian, that is deemed cuter or more visually appealing to a certain audience, than the standard breed.

For example in a litter of Pom puppies, any puppy showing even the slightest tendency towards say a Teddy Bear Pom, will be selectively bred with another such Pomeranian and thus over time accentuating and exaggerating those features.

None of these variations are recognized by the official AKC breed standards however and only by purchasing your Pomeranian from a registered show breeder, will ensure that your Pom matures to the official standard. There is no doubt that as the Pomeranian  increases in popularity, these variations are becoming more highly sought after by prospective owners .

Pomeranian Face Types

There are three commonly recognized face types for Pomeranians; the Fox, The Teddy Bear and the Baby Doll. Of these three, only the classic Fox shape is considered to be in keeping with the AKC official breed standard.

Fox Face Pomeranian:

This is the standard face of the Pom as recognized by the AKC who describe the head thus:

"the expression is alert and may be referred to as fox-like” and faults (in AKC conformation events) include: “Round, domed skull; under-shot mouth."


Teddy Bear Pomeranian

A very different face shape on display here, with a much shorter snout, closer set eyes, mouth and with fuller cheeks this really gives the  cutsie look of a child's teddy bear.

Baby Doll Pomeranian

Very close in appearance to the Teddy Bear face above, but resembles more of a blend between the fox and the teddy faces with less rounding in the snout and less close se

Teddy Bear Pomeranian And Other Pom Varieties

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