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Super Sleuths And Daring Dashers Of The Doggy World

Types Of Hounds And Hound Dog Breeds

types-of-houndsTwo types of hounds make up this group, sight and scent hounds have the best eyes and noses of the whole doggy world. Find out more about this varied, wide ranging and fascinating group.

Hound dog breeds are some of the oldest breeds in existence to day, and this well reflects the fact that for thousands of year’s man has hunted animals.

Whilst bow and arrow,even spear served this purpose well, speed and stamina were required to chase down prey over open country, sight hounds developed a keen turn of pace and remarkable stamina whilst the scent hounds evolved to pursue prey in close, dense and more difficult terrains such as forest, marsh or bush .

For this reason the hound group displays enormous variation in size, temperament, speed and strength. A hound’s quarry may vary from that of a small rabbit right up to large ferocious beasts, wolves, elk even lions.

Otter Hounds can follow a scent over water and the Bloodhound can successfully follow a trail over many days, some are feisty, some mellow, some aloof whilst still others are very affectionate, Dachshunds confuse matters even more by acting as if they were terriers!

One thing they all have in common though are their excellent senses and an independence that comes from working alone away from human guidance, hounds generally are not aggressive or territorial and are at their happiest when you give them something to chase or sniff.

Hound Dog Breeds

Official American Kennel Club  Hound Group List- follow links for detailed breed info- dogs not to scale.

Types Of Hounds

come in two subgroups:

Scent hounds can be more independent than the sporting group often working far ahead of the hunt whilst they independently track down quarry. On the whole though scent hounds are sociable and fun loving, many were bred to live and play within a pack structure, this makes them adaptable and easy to live with.

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afghan hound american foxhound black and tan coonhound bluetick coonhound cirnecco dell'etna english foxhound harrier ibizan hound norwegian elkhound petit basset griffon vendeen plott redbone coonhound saluki treeing walker coonhound american english coonhound basenji bloodhound borzoi dachshund greyhound irish wolfhound pharaoh Hound portuguese podengo rhodesian ridgeback scottish deerhound whippet

The Afghan Hound is rightly known as the “King Of Dogs.” An ancient breed with a regal bearing and aloof personality; The super model of the doggy world, yet sensitive and sweet  to their owners.

American Foxhounds get on with pretty much everybody, children and dogs included. They can be stubborn but the trick is to convince them that they want the same thing as their owner!

The Basset Hound is placid, easygoing and adaptable yet can be stubborn to the point of distraction if asked to do something any way but their own

Black and Tan Coonhounds are good natured and affectionate dogs; laid back in the house but independent and scent orientated hunters outside.

Bluetick Coonhound

Cirnecco dell’Etna

English Foxhound


Ibizan Hound

Norwegian Elkhound

Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen


Redbone Coonhound

The Saluki dog breed is elegant and gentle  by nature, loving to chase and run free outside, yet quiet in the home. Sometimes Known as the Persian Greyhound.

Treeing Walker Coonhound

American English Coonhound

The unique Basenji   stands out from his doggy cousins for his yodeling cry and cat-like demeanour!

African in origin, this hunting dog is probably the oldest known breed.

Bloodhounds are gentle giants and their ability to follow a scent is legendary. They need long walks and an easy going patient owner who doesn’t mind slobber

The Borzoi is an elegant and aristocratic sight hound. Independent minded and aloof , they are graceful running machines when allowed to run free.

The Dachshund is a clever and gregarious soul who loves to play.

Full of character and charm, this independent little dog makes a great companion for the right owner


The Irish Wolfhound is a calm, friendly and affectionate giant.

Bred by royalty to hunt wolves, they are fast powerful and need plenty of safe space to exercise in


Pharaoh Hound

Portuguese Podengo Pequennd

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Scottish Deerhound


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