Tiny Body Big Heart! Understanding What A Small Dog Breed Means

 best small dog breedThere are many types of small dogs, and If you are looking for a little breed simply because you think you will only need to give it half the care or attention of a bigger dog then think again! Small dog usually means big character.

Small dog types are breeds which weigh in at under 25 lbs (11kg) and include those pooches primarily in the Toy group of  the American Kennel Club classifications,  but can also be found in the  Terrier, Non-sporting and Hound groups respectively.

Not all small breeds are the same as demonstrated by the wide variety of groups that they come from. Bred for many different roles such as vermin control, game hunting or as companion ‘lap-dog’s, the best small dog breed therefore will be the one that sits best with your own lifestyle needs. Why not review our page on the dog breed groups to give you some idea of the main characteristics between the different groups to help you narrow down what type of small dog would suit you best.                

The Pro’s and Cons of Choosing A Small Dog Breed

There are disadvantages to small dogs and you will need to think about this if you are looking to find the best small dog breed for you.

One area where you will need to be aware of when thinking about a smaller dog is that there are a number of health problems specifically related to them.

In general, small dogs live longer than larger breeds primarily because their bodies don’t have to work as hard as to sustain them, therefore their organs and physiological systems stay in better shape for longer. Like the very large breeds however ,small breeds can suffer from sometimes quite serious congenital conditions so  please research your chosen small breed carefully.

Only buy from a reputable breeder and ensure you have adequate pet medical insurance.  Of course if you were to acquire or adopt a small mutt or cross breed they are much less likely to suffer from the sort of inherited ailments pure breeds encounter.

There is no doubt that small breed dog ownership has been increasing in  recent years, indeed the Yorkshire Terrier  Dachsund  Shih Tzu  and Boston Terrier  all show up in America’s top 20 most popular breeds, Perhaps more of us are living in cities where space is limited,  perhaps our lives are too busy to accommodate heavy exercise routines, maybe its because small dogs are more economic in these troubled times…or maybe it’s because we find small dogs much cuter than big ones. Whatever the reason is, there are so many types of small dogs that I’m positive you will find the perfect one for you.

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Types Of Small Dogs

Different Types of Small Dogs- Same Health Problems

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