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Black Russian Terrier

Cane Corso

Doberman Pinscher


Great Dane

Great Pyrenees



Portuguese Water Dog

Saint Bernard

Siberian Husky

Tibetan Mastiff

The Akita is handsome, powerful and a reserved personality. Bred originally as a hunting dog they are devoted to their family but need careful training .

The Alaskan Malamute is powerful, good natured and hard working. First bred by native Americans the malamute is a cold weather work horse that just loves to be kept busy

Anatolian Shepherds  are bred to guard livestock and are an imposing presence. A strong independent, nature matches their strong build

Bernese Mountain dog

The  Boerboel is large,  and very strong. Intelligence combined with strong protective instincts makes this guardian dog breed suitable for experienced and responsible owners only.

The Boxer dog is a fun loving, exuberant and versatile breed, who is equally happy working or living as a family companion.

Steady Eddie’s Of The Doggy World

Working Dog Breeds

working-dog-breedsWorking Dog Breeds are the canine world’s labourers. This informative guide is a great introduction to the working group dogs which include guard dog breeds and Nordic sled dogs.

The Working Dog Group perhaps more than any other group represents what we expect a good dog to be, loyal, strong, sturdy and intelligent.

For centuries dogs have worked with man and we often forget the vital support role dogs have played in our lives and society throughout history. They have always been with us: Carrying loads, pulling sleds or carts, protecting our homes dragging and retrieving nets for fishermen and guarding our flocks.

Today, dogs are used more than ever. They are guides or assistants to the working-dog-breedsdisabled, to the security services and military they perform the valuable role of scenting out drugs, contraband and explosives not to mention the role search and rescue dogs play in locating and aiding trapped or missing persons when disaster strikes.

Characteristically working dog breeds are large powerful beasts with excellent stamina and are often in the extra large category, like most of the dog groups however there is plenty of variety to be found; there are gentle giants such as the St Bernard and the Newfoundland and the largest dog of them all the Great Dane.

This group is also home to most of the guard dog breeds, the bull breeds in particular are enormously powerful dogs often weighing more than their owner!  With few exceptions, these are serious dogs requiring careful  experienced handling, consistent training / socialisation and a strong personality to show them who is boss!

Bernese Mountain Dog boxer

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Working Dog Breeds

Official American Kennel Club  Working Group List- follow links for detailed breed info- dogs not to scale

Working dog breeds tend to have active intelligent minds being bred as they were to perform tasks and work in any number of ways,  any prospective working dog owner should therefore consider all aspects of their chosen breed and fully understand the original function of the breed before they commit to taking one home.

Regardless of whether your new working dog is actually going to do any work at all these dogs have through selective breeding been predisposed towards certain characteristics.If you want a guard dog choose a guardian breed such as The Doberman Pinscher and not a St Bernard.

One final point of interest to consider regarding exercise is that those dogs with flock guarding roots , often require only minimal exercise. This means they are quite content to potter about in small back yards and can live surprisingly well in modest apartments or homes despite their sometimes enormous size.

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bullmastiff Mastiff


Anatolian Shepherd Dog


Portuguese Water Dog


Dogue de Bordeaux

Giant Schnauzer

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog



Neapolitan Mastiff


The Rottweiler is strong and active, naturally protective towards their home and family but can be playful and affectionate too.


Standard Schnauzer

Saint Bernard